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Commitment and Trust

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We are a voluntary organization working in the field of rehabilitation of the blind. By working with NGOs & with Visually Challenged individuals we strive to achieve our vision of improving the quality of life for the visually Challenged. We aim to assist Blind persons & organizations supporting them, to promote an understanding of their needs & to enable the availability of better quality of services nationally & internationally. We network with them offering support and assistance on a national basis ensuring that quality inputs are provided. Our programme is executed through volunteers and our activities include a variety of projects and programmes of our choice, priorities desired by beneficiary NGOs, orientation and motivation of volunteers, sharing of information, assistance to government & development of technology applications.

We help the visually impaired by escorting them to unfamiliar places, scribing for children and helping them write exams. Additionally, we also assist adults in writing letters, filling out applications etc. With the organization having members and volunteers spread all over the country, we can make an everlasting impact.

How We Help the Blind

Provision of volunteer
support for
individuals and institutions

Facilitating Education, skilling, counselling, sports, devices, health care, Daily Living

Conduct of blindness prevention, eye donation camps,digitisation of books

Providing food and medicines during lock down periods

Assisting Research, empowerment, CSR & collaborative efforts


Our volunteers want to help in any way possible.

This includes:

  • Escorting the blind to unknown places, providing guidance in unfamiliar places
  • Scribing for the blind and helping them write their exams.
  • Exploring possibilities of additional help for the blind, having an inquisitive and exploring mind
  • Being available when needed
  • Connecting visually challenged people they know of to us.

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'Want to share your story? We want to listen.'

Let VFTB STORIES be your means to express and share your stories and life experiences.
You can give us your STORIES through the following forms:

1 - Writing
    1.1 - please do mention your name else we can post your work anonymously as well
    1.2 - please attach any related picture or artwork that would be displayed alongside your writing. (if you don't wish to provide any then we will make and upload one for you)
2 - Video:
     - you can also submit a video that empowers the blind and recognises our strength in unity.
3 - Music:
     - yes, you can submit music as well. This may or may not be related to our work as it stories can also be a hub for people to come to and relax while listenign to calming music
4 - Artwork:
     - we are also accepting any form of artwork that expresses support for the blind or displays how we are all equal
Please attach all your work and your details (optional) to the following email address:

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