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Vision & Mission

Vision: Improve the quality of life for the visually handicapped.

Mission: Assist blind persons and organizations supporting them; promote an understanding of their needs; and enable the availability of better quality of services, nationally and internationally.


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Mr Pranav Lal Trustee

A Cyber Security Technology expert; works for a private company; a TEDx Speaker on tech support & accessibility issues; a member of the National Association of the Blind. He is abreast of global developments & research, on applications for the blind. He’s a founder & lives at New Delhi.

Mrs M Lopez Vice Chair

An educationist with 55 years behind her. She’s served as teacher & Principal of several schools. An ardent activist, a disciplinarian, she inspires the youth & lives at New Delhi.

Pankaj &
Karuna Gupta Trustees

Both founders, with a deep-seated commitment to the blind. Both are qualified social workers & relocated to London in 2002 & commenced services for adoption. They provide invaluable inputs from the British Disability Sector.

Mr Inderjit Lal Trustee

An able administrator from the travel & tourism field. He is a member of the governing team at the YMCA at New Delhi. He is well travelled & attends disability events globally.

Mr Vinod
Ramchandani Trustee

A founder, he has a background from the Engineer Branch of the Railways; a graphic designer by profession; a go-getter, living at Noida.

Wg Cdr
DK Bhardwaj Trustee

He has a background of piloting transport aircraft in the Air Force. On retirement, he is an investment consultant. A frequent traveler overseas, he’s widely read & comes to the team with extensive wisdom. He lives at Noida.

Lt Gen
AK Lamba Trustee

An Armed Forces Veteran, who is a former Director General at Army HQs caring for serving soldiers. He specializes in strategic concepts & planning. He has contributed his skills at Amity University & now, with the blind. He lives at Noida.

Mr RK Sahni Trustee

An architect, with extensive experience in large projects. On retirement he chose work with the blind, doing it with passion. He lives at New Delhi.

Lt Gen
SN Handa,

An outstanding military veteran, who is a former Director General at Army HQs, handling large outfits. His ability to grasp the nuanced essentials of a large body are apparent. He brings these special skills for the blind. He lives at Gurgaon.

Col TS Gururaj Trustee

A military veteran, who commanded a unit of the Signals; a telecommunications specialist; passionate & enthusiastic about service to mankind. He’s a founder & an invaluable pillar of support. He works with the RSS in addition to the blind. He lives at Bangalore.

Col Pradeep
Kapoor Trustee

A military veteran of the 1971 war, who commanded a Regiment of the Artillery. On retirement he strived and studied disability; became a disability specialist; headed two previous NGOs for the blind. A Founder, he is the current CEO, since its founding & lives at New Delhi.

The team is chosen by a combination of election and nominations

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The Forum

Ms Indu
Ramchandani Chairperson

Mr Lal Buat Saiha Vice Chairperson

Board of Directors

Mr Inderjit Lal Chairman

Col Pradeep
Kapoor Dir (Operations)

Mrs Manjari Lopez Dir (Internal Affairs)

Col Gururaj TS Dir (Resources)

Governing Council (NCR)

Col GS Grover Chairman

Mr Vijay Matange Vice Chairman