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Donation Types:

I am Philanthropic - I like Giving / Donating

  • - Make a donation
  • - In memory of a national hero
  • - Sponsor honorarium for a blind volunteer achiever
  • - In memory of a loved one
  • - I wish to donate directly to a blind person. Not through VB

I wish to Express solidarity & support to VB

  • - Support a disabled veteran
  • - Support Fund Raising Efforts
  • - Support Volunteer Training
  • - Sponsor education for blind Kavita
  • - Support a blind orphan / widow
  • - Sponsor a phone / internet bill
  • - Sponsor deployment of a resource person / trainer

I would like to Support a Project / campaign

  • - Support disabled sports
  • - Sponsor devices / resources for training volunteers, for Office equipment.
  • - Sponsor creative art forms for the blind - dance, drama, painting, photography
  • - Sponsor tech support, research, studies for the blind
  • - Sponsor Challenge Events - a run, a trek, a competition
  • - Support adventure sports
  • - Sponsor salary of a blind office assistant
  • - Support the elderly blind
  • - Sponsor a laptop - Enable reading & writing by the blind

Im a tenacious Giver

  • - Undertake major Giving - large sum, Mutual Fund, Property
  • - I wish to donate at the level & pitch of Rs 100/ 1000 per day

I want to leave a legacy; so that I am remembered after my death.

  • - Leave a gift in your Will - money, assets , property
  • - Sponsor an annual award in your name
  • - Gift property which carries your name

I wish to donate in Kind

  • - Sponsor food, clothing, medicines
  • - Undertake virtual gifts - Amazon, Flipkart, gift tokens, other
  • - Donate your eyes
  • - I wish to give an interest free loan. The sum is returnable.

Account Details:
Name of organisation: Volunteers for the Blind Foundation

Donate To Us

COVID-19 has impacted billions of lives around the globe. Governments, individuals, businesses, and civil society organizations are battling to save lives, support families, and keep businesses, and organisations afloat. During these unprecedented times, the role of NGOs has become paramount in combating the coronavirus and its impact on society’s most vulnerable populations, especially in countries and regions where government services are struggling.